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  1. What if you close registration that day and you give the site 1 more month in order to start saying goodbye?
  2. I won't send you snippets babe. Check the whole thread about people saying that you scammed. Keep crying
  3. This is real snippet was posted by jax jones in 2015 and that's the same snippet but remixed. Let me love you snippets were posted in 2016 by an ex insider called TSR
  4. Dm baby <3 plz

  5. I love Dua but i agree. i would've liked more a Prisoner solo version by Miley
  6. I saw on Twitter that this article showed up on Britney's official page and was linked to Mood Ring's verified page. Could be true? Also an inside teased a Mood Ring remix as a collab for the Glory Re-release. The page has new lyrics that aren't on the original song and has Mattman & Robin as a new producer.
  7. If I Fall , Mary Jane and cold blooded were there too
  8. Drake stans paid like 8k for a song and it leaked. Carti stans paid 13k
  9. Selena Gomez - I Can't Change For You and Me & My Love are circulating Ariana Grande - Check In & Metaphor too Miley Cyrus - High Hope these 5 leak or someone sells them publicly because i'd love to buy the selena tracks omg
  10. Billie released that much this year? I think Cardi B and Taylor will be the huge winners. Gaga has a chance and i think that Selena could get something with LYTLM (not for rare though)
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