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  1. Don't be home of phonics and leak Cobra by Sky Ferreira, please

  2. Oh, my tracklist is almost like yours, mine is: 1. The Lucky Ones 2. Can't Control The Kids 3. Sugar 4. Kaleidoscope 5. Love Me or Leave Me 6. Zero Gravity 7. Speed Limit 8. Stardust 9. Last Breath 10. Supergirl 11. Chemical 12. Here and Now I'd put Made For Loving You, but since that song hasn't leaked yet 😭 I put Army of Love and Dollface on Weapons of Mass Creation, because those are mostly electropop and Utopia is mostly EDM, and because I love listening Dollface after AOL ends. I really wanna know the name of that snippet that leaked on Se
  3. Supergirl really deserved an official release on the Utopia EP 😭
  4. Sky Ferreira - Cry Baby Sky Ferreira - Wild At Heart Kerli - Weapons of Mass Creation Kerli - Utopia (Album) Porcelain Black - Mannequin Factory Neon Hitch - Beg, Borrow & Steal Bonnie McKee - Electric Heaven / American Girl / Somebody's Gonna Get Hurt (the Epic Album) Madison Beer - Original debut album from Island sessions (2012-2015) Grimes album between Visions and Art Angels Grimes - β€œArt Angels: Part 2” Lady Gaga - ARTPOP Act 2 Taylor Swift supposed 2016 album
  5. Hello there everyone, I hope you're fine. So, "Clumsy" leaked hours ago, which is a song from her teen pop era, and made me think again, if anyone has made a fan-made album of Madison Beer's original debut album? The one that she recorded with Island Records from 2013 to 2015. I've never seen any fan made version of this, not even a fan title. It only had 4 singles: Melodies, Unbreakable, All For Love (feat. Jack & Jack) and Something Sweet. "Valentine" featuring Cody Simpson was released in early 2013, but not as single, so I don't count it, but anyways, it
  6. I hope HMU leaks very soon. The instrumental of that snippet sounds amazing. The Stefanie Scott's version is more pop rock-ish while the little glimpse of Bonnie's version, it has a more electropop sound (that little snippet sounds similar to Sleepwalker). Can't wait!
  7. @bearsbummer thank you so much for the Bonnie collection!! It's amazing And thank you everyone who has shared the songs!
  8. Oh, hopefully it leaks soon, S.L.A.Y. it's a really nice pop song, the melody and instrumental are wonderful. Hopefully it leaks soon (and in HQ) The fact that this album didn't came out it's a crime against humanity
  9. Is it true that the two files of S.L.A.Y. that leaked in November are the demo of the song?
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