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  1. Good Iggy, slay them Also, Ri working on ANOTHER album? Sis...
  2. They had to check Burger King to see if they had any traces. Sources say they had none. Mhmm...
  3. A good friend of mine on a Nicki forum made this
  4. Yeah I know a bit small but you get the idea.
  5. Wasn't Gimmie Money set to be her first single off of her new album?
  6. I heard it was good. And it made tons of people cry.
  7. Echo


    I can't wait until the new episode. My family watches it all the time.
  8. P!nk = Gaga Maya = Beyonce Christina = Adele Lil Kim = Nicki Minaj Missy Elliot = Azaleia Banks
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