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  1. the i wanna call you demo is a lower key, pretty much all the vocal takes are different from the backtrack performed on yahoo and theres some syncing issues with the lead and background vocals. the production is switched too and the beat is completely different although some things like the guitar sound the same. also its missing the woo adlibs i want it now couldve been a working title since this seems to be a very early rough demo. this one sounds more of a dancey beat driven angle while the one performed on yahoo seems to have been reworked to be more of a summery pop song like american g
  2. group one looks finished to me now. any errors, missing songs or missing info please let me know by replying to this thread and ill add promtly!
  3. hi everyone, huge overhaul and im retiring the solo artist infopost not the group one for now cause itll be too much work to keep it all updated, still so much to add to the group one but i thought id compile a list of some interesting career findings looking through this digitalspy thread in chronological order. very interesting to look back at information that was new 5 years ago with that retrospective. what i found very interesting is how theres more info on their scrapped sessions than the ones that were released, really goes to show how much there really is out there we havent heard😭
  4. this is a very generous offer thank you ruthless and capsule! better than the site being gone for good
  5. aww. i appreciate all the hard work you put into maintaining building and uplifting this site. i had alot of fun here even though i didnt join until wayy later on i still appreciated checking in here. ill never forget the one convo we had in the discord where you said you stan selena and i asked if it was the boring one or the dead one im sorry to hear about the toxicity among some circles on this site. i understand how that would bring you down. thank you for this community and platform and all the hard work hope you find success in your other ventures. sad news to see it go but if its w
  6. Through the fire & last laugh
  7. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/683416062066425975/868585277621436467/You_Gave_Me_Love.mp3
  8. does anyone have any idea of the fifth harmony song 'you gave me love'?
  9. Always suspicious about LQ snippets that are barely intelligible so this is probably fake. However to my knowledge ’so romance’ is a real song early romance outtake and was being sold alongside ‘ain’t easy’ on this forum and also by the seller of coulda been yours I think the price is $800
  10. A lot of updates (will update thread later) - 2 demos of ain’t easy - 2 demos of could’ve been yours - people talking about having prisoner - so romance (early romance outtake) alleged romance outtakes: Half an Hour , Could've Been Yours , Rock Bottom , Expectation , Saving , Lithium , the list goes on and on this hoe made too many songs for romance Could've Been Yours , Single Rose , Lithium , Bad Kind Of Butterflies OG , are the best romance scraps better than most of the released albumbest scraps from cc1 have already leaked tho besides Tinted Vi
  11. considering her saying she will *make* an album as if she doesnt already have one finished from 2016 and then talks about writing one locked in the house, it looks to be shes completely moved on from those songs and shes writing a new one
  12. Bonnie McKee on her story: 'okay fine ill make an album' https://www.instagram.com/stories/bonniemckee/2562328064761391267/ 98789200_3076558475905906_2032454900868420690_n.mp4
  13. No I was listening to the live I wish it was mixed better because it’s such an amazing song and the vocals and drums are too loud but atleast it isn’t a iPhone 6 recording or anything
  14. thank you! yeah I mean we dont know we only have the number 80 Roger told us so I just used what we had. 80 does seem a little extreme cause 10 months is around the time she did 35 for Camila era. maybe it is just 80 songs she wrote in 10 months but still I guess they are Camila songs written for romance in some way. I guess 'had' would be a better phrasing not 'recorded' cause it was never said that way. there doesn't seem to be alot of romance era song leaking either theres only 2 we know of unleaked out there coulda been yours and a unknown title one being traded around right now. and then
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