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  1. considering her saying she will *make* an album as if she doesnt already have one finished from 2016 and then talks about writing one locked in the house, it looks to be shes completely moved on from those songs and shes writing a new one
  2. Bonnie McKee on her story: 'okay fine ill make an album' https://www.instagram.com/stories/bonniemckee/2562328064761391267/ 98789200_3076558475905906_2032454900868420690_n.mp4
  3. just found this thread lol Lauren Jauregui - Inside (HQ) - its the fact someone said they hope the HQ they have never leaks and then asked to follow them on twitter LOL god the drama behind this song is such a nightmare ill never forget when I got dragged to shit in leakthis for pointing out the file is edited and downscaled
  4. No I was listening to the live I wish it was mixed better because it’s such an amazing song and the vocals and drums are too loud but atleast it isn’t a iPhone 6 recording or anything
  5. thank you! yeah I mean we dont know we only have the number 80 Roger told us so I just used what we had. 80 does seem a little extreme cause 10 months is around the time she did 35 for Camila era. maybe it is just 80 songs she wrote in 10 months but still I guess they are Camila songs written for romance in some way. I guess 'had' would be a better phrasing not 'recorded' cause it was never said that way. there doesn't seem to be alot of romance era song leaking either theres only 2 we know of unleaked out there coulda been yours and a unknown title one being traded around right now. and then
  6. Sorry for the essay got bored at 3am I was interested in trying to have an idea of how much of each Camila era we have since we know how many songs she recorded for each era (sources for song numbers are in OP) For camila era, Ryan seacrest asked her how many songs she has and she said ‘around 35’ I’m not sure whether this means 1. how many songs she recorded for the album officially or 2. how many songs she recorded during the entire era. However my bets are on in this context these are songs recorded specifically for the album, cause if we counted all the songs she released al
  7. just heard i wanna fucking call you, loved it, found out the nightmare behind it and the rest of the album and now hate it 😭 this seems like the real world version of gay hell im so sorry for anyone whos been living in perpetual disappointment and teases since 2013 also apparently i heard SLAY studio this year on some discord call (unknowingly) so i guess thats something to look forward to! is she actually going to release more songs from this or has she fully moved on at this point
  8. aint easy is being sold allegedly for 1000
  9. its registered on BMI as a song written by Pacific and Alex Zinc with Camila listed as the artist. according to insider BOZ Camila never recorded it and it was just a pitched demo for her
  10. the full details are unknown, a snippet was posted by leaks5h which 75% of their leaks came from them. they were this fifth harmony insider/leaker who had a shit load of better together- reflection outtakes as well as info on the group. from the snippet it sounds like Camila recorded it solo as none of the other girls are present in the 1 minute snippet, which is odd as I dont think Camila did recordings on her own until after reflection came out and they only leaked and so are known to have only material recorded between better together and reflection era but of every song each girl did their
  11. added soloists categories + most songs. I have to do more research for sure but its looking good so far
  12. ive started adding (most) of fifth harmony (Group) unreleased songs to this post! if im missing any let me know so we can eventually have a full infopost for fifth harmony, more details + soloists to the post coming later
  13. Will update with the following - she loves control demo (apparently being sold on leakthis) - senorita solo demo (snippet)
  14. updated: I added the songs same old love and prisoner to the 'other' section may also add unknown song that is the lead single and everything we know about it x
  15. actually many insiders have confirmed the lead single of CC3 will be coming in the first half of this year and that its a feature that is unless plans change
  16. wow interesting lol. I hope its true. ill add it to the thread soon under 'other' as a unconfirmed rumour
  17. wait what?? lol camila recorded a demo when she was in fifth harmony or a cover later on?
  18. also fun fact, 'prisoner' by Miley Cyrus and Dua Lipa has the same producers and writers featured in all of the known romance songs from their sessions together liar, shameless & anyone (Producers: Monsters & Strangerz, Andrew Watt // Writers: Ali Tamposi, Jon Bellion, Monsters & Strangers [Jordan K Johnson, Stefan Johnson], Andrew Watt) and Shawn Mendes is confirmed to have recorded. could this have been a romance reject she passed onto her boyfriend to try out? (also note the lyrical similarities of being desperately in love with someone, along with sonical similarities with the
  19. as if what sangria wine needed was two extra men updated x
  20. Just a question does anyone know if coulda been yours is gonna leak anytime soon? A new snippet leaked recently months after the first yet still nobody knows who has this song or where it is it’s a pretty strange situation. I always liked the beat of this one
  21. hey harmonizers! I couldn't find a fifth harmony artist page here, I thought may as well make one of these for us to discuss Fifth Harmony + hopefully the current soloists (Lauren Normani Dinah Ally) cause I dont imagine a solo page for these four doing well. regardless this can be for the group only or in addition the soloists whatever the people choose. so lets discuss fifth harmony! also I thought I might do another unreleased infopost cause I need to sort mine + they had a lot of snippets + info. plus the rumours are true their unreleased is better than their released (fuck epic) so
  22. anyone > thief looks like an angel > witness > knows me > the boy > died imo I love all and have over 20 plays each for me other than died
  23. im so sorry u were part of this, my heart really goes out to you (hoping your rich)
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