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  1. idrk

    Camila Cabello

    Same! I know she will slay it + I heard there are 2 original songs too
  2. Hopefully this is the right section for this looking through other titles and searching through topic titles and description and not seeing a thread for camila. If I’m wrong y’all can move the thread to appropriate section :F ive been in my camila era for a few months and I know there are quite a few camilizers especially here so let’s talk Camila! Rn she’s a little inactive so maybe this would be more useful in the future but thought it would be a cool idea even for now. I’m excited for Cinderella! Oh and I thought about maybe keeping track of her unreleased here with all the
  3. bebes sabotage piano version has been circulating heavily and many people have it and it is pretty common lol can't believe someones selling it for a good amount of money
  4. this is literally seems so fake. it just cant be real who has a song called [themselves] is flawless. also one of the songs literally comes up ons Shazam and all this info and 'proof' came from the same one person. ur telling me nobody else from her 9 million followers saw this announcement post or screenshotted it or shared it in the hours it was allegedly up for and nobody else could reach her dms. and the songs sound so distorted and unintelligible and it just sounds so fake theres no other way of putting it like look at the titles listen to the songs its just so... and how she got Selena
  5. She served with the Bebe and charli rejects give us more queen of pop (rejects) sad her new music isn’t as good
  6. Camila cabello anyone camila cabello could’ve been yours camila cabello the boy camila cabello ain’t easy camila cabello god is a woman fifth harmony better with you Bebe rexha heaven bebe rexha do it for myself
  7. we get it can you shut up and keep this shit inside the music trading thread and to think all this was over you scamming them and getting upset they called you out after being nasty to them in pms and now your obsessively creating alts for days saying the same thing over and over and spilling to completely unrelated threads. why do i try to rationalise with unreasonable people
  8. what is it with the weird titles and message texts with unrelated material to what the topic once was is this a new thing or an old thing. this site deserves more love
  9. I meant to the person above me lol
  10. Omg finally found it bebe rexha distract me bebe rexha bounce back bebe rexha body back to me bebe rexha the little things bebe rexha 24/7 bebe rexha guarranteed for life piano bebe rexha all eyes on me bebe rexha 10 minutes on the dancefloor camila cabello anyone camila cabello taxi camila cabello god is a woman camila cabello the boy serve us the bops question has anything actually leaked as a result of people begging here
  11. ^how do you downvote someone on this thing
  12. the way i tried to use photoshop for my media magazine design and it ended up looking like something out of microsoft word 2008 not even exaggerating thank you for the ocmplement tho!
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