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  1. Jessie Malakouti era Stand-alone singles Trash Me (2008) Outsider (2008) Standing Up for the Lonely (2009) White Girl Wasted (2013) Unreleased songs - Bold represents leaked tracks. Baby Don't Ask Me (Snippet) Bad Guy Check N Out Commitment Issues Crash Bang Baby Eyes Closed I Need Love (Part Two) Jungle Town Lately Let's Do Some Damage My Viagra Never Be the Same No. 1 Big Booty PS Some Like It Hot Things Upside Down 304 Who's that Man Jessie and the
  2. Cypher


    Sweet! I'm gonna try to revive as many of the info threads as I can find. *Having issues finding my Sky Ferreira thread. Off to see if I can scrounge up Jessie's thread...
  3. Verbalicious/Verbz - Verbal Issues Natalia Cappuccini - Womannequin Natalia Kills - Activate My Heart - Single Natalia Kills - Perfectionist Natalia Kills - Perfectionist (Demo) Natalia Kills - Trouble Natalia Kills - Trouble (Demo) Unreleased Featured
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    This is the Lolene masterpost. It includes tracklistings for her albums/EPs and unreleased songs. Cracked Not Broken 1. Lolene (Intro) 2. I Wish (Vs. Skee-Lo/Willow Smith) 3. Leave Your Girl (Vs. Dizzie Rascal/Calvin Harris/Greg Ogan) 4. Supa Trooper (Vs. Abba/Dr Dre) 5. Electrick Dreams (Vs. Cory Heart/Damon Sharp) 6. Boujis Baby (Vs. Mr DJ) 7. Slippy Heights (Lolene Vs. Kate Bush Underworld) 8. In Your Head Zombie (Lolene Vs. The Cranberries) The Electrick Hotel 1. Intro (Welcome to the Electrick Hotel) 2. Sexy People 3. Rich (Fake It Til You Make It) 4. Lionheart [Later renamed "Lion Hear
  5. Original writer: JumpRopeQueen so since gaga has like 1 000 000 unreleased things (including videos, songs, tours, etc), i thought i'd make a huge list compiling everything we don't yet have. i'm gonna keep adding to this over the next few days. pleaseee feel free to remind me of anything i've forgotten about! Songs: Collaborations: Kendrick Lamar (Feat. Lady Gaga) - Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe: 'Bitch' was originally a solo song recorded by Kendrick Lamar for his debut studio album, good kid, m.A.A.d city. When he and Gaga collaborated, Gaga added her vocals to the track's chorus. Gaga's vers
  6. [img width=500 height=750]http://24.media.tumblr.com/4702ff22de06b8835ec9b87bf0f61028/tumblr_mgloqnxu4t1qbheywo2_500.jpg [img width=500 height=750]http://24.media.tumblr.com/0f381381d80579a65add5475aaa00316/tumblr_mgloqnxu4t1qbheywo3_500.jpg [img width=500 height=750]http://24.media.tumblr.com/372df107fdcbebb00bcec53852090612/tumblr_mgloe151lo1qbheywo1_500.jpg [img width=500 height=750]http://25.media.tumblr.com/d6ba1e648d424424a8c59ea5a1316876/tumblr_mgloe151lo1qbheywo3_500.jpg [img width=500 height=750]http://25.media.tumblr.com/d9a8d4661fb26be326bcc1f467f489f0/tumblr_mgloe151lo1qbheywo2_500
  7. A little sad that the original PHF threads are no longer here, but since I'm currently watching the show, I decided to restart the thread! Refound through the cache!
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