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  1. We must try 🥺 Yeah but was for LG5, then Gaga change the whole concept and created Joanne
  2. I hope so, ARTPOP is such an amazing album 🥺 RedOne wasn't a producer in the album, so I don't think so...
  3. Little Monsters are signing a petition for Lady Gaga to release ARTPOP Act II. Sign here: http://chng.it/GRF2StF5
  4. I can't believe it 😭😭😭😭 Rest in peace Queen 💔😔
  5. Isaacger22


    I didn't saw a post like that, but maybe I can make one, I have all her released stuff in flac format and the majority unreleased in 320 kbp mp3
  6. Isaacger22


    Do someone have "Cheerleader" and "All my Fault" in 320 kbp mp3?
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