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  1. Snippet of Poseur demo https://dbree.org/v/d3b2fa (not Bonnie, but Bonnie also recorded it)
  2. it's apparently Amy Belle, the full : https://dbree.org/v/033d7e
  3. empty link maybe you would like to post this https://dbree.org/v/f97504 ? Is it Julia Michaels ?
  4. It's the person who was working with Charli XCX ?
  5. We can hear Bonnie a little bit here Bonnie McKee ft Trinidad James - Word Up https://dbree.org/v/985ff6 No others infos ...
  6. I found a song called "Terminate 'Em", is it still unleak ? and do you know the year/era ?
  7. I have some Bonnie unreleased, hmu if you want to trade. I'm looking for S.L.A.Y since a while lol
  8. Yesterday


    You have bad reputation like @Joan Are you his brother ?
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