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  1. we are trying to build a GroupBuy, if anyone can help us plss
  2. true, It's sad to have someone as bad as the leader of our country.
  3. yes, this president is against the right of LGBT people
  4. Bolsonitta This girl is over. Pabllo Vittar, IZA >>>>>>>>
  5. Bebe Rexha Music Mafia Songs: All Hands on Deck (Leaked) Like a Baby (Leaked) Quintino ft. Bebe Rexha - All Eyes on Me (Not Bought) Bed (Leaked) Between Us (Leaked) On My Way (Leaked) Naughty ft. Offset (Not Bought) Take It Off ft. Julia Michaels (Leaked) Take It Off (Leaked) My Own Worst Enemy (Leaked) Forever Thing (Leaked) Guaranteed For Life (Not Bought) Nothing At All (Not Bought) Wiz Khalifa ft. Bebe Rexha - 'Revenge' (Not Bought)
  6. At this moment, we must finally have Nothing At All and Guaranteed For Life
  7. this is not public information and I think they do not even accept GB for this
  8. they have not sold yet Nothing at All and Guaranteed For Life they have Naughty ft. Offset too but nobody cares about this
  9. we made a group buy for Nothing at All and Guaranteed For Life on discord, we have money to buy a song but we want to buy the two together to make it cheaper. We are trying to buy from Music Mafia. If have someone here interested, join us.

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