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  1. Some of the news reports say he was afraid he was gonna get cut from the show. Now he is probably facing jail time and serious backlash after making this up. Apparently he was arrested in 2007 for a DUI and provided the police with a false name. This is not looking very good for him.
  2. one world to describe how she became famous. America.
  3. Mr. Watson

    Bebe Rexha Is Too Fat For A Grammy

    She is way to full of herself. Bitch nobody gonna waste there time making u a dress if u act like that. She has let herself go in the last few years, she used to be real skinny. Shes pulling that fat shaming card now to get more fat fans.
  4. Do you happen to have Kamikaze, Bad Man or Shout downloads? I can’t message u.
  5. Mr. Watson

    Dua Lipa - Electricity (NEW SINGLE???)

    It’s for there project Silk City
  6. Mr. Watson

    Thoughts on other forums

    I used to be on spill it now but they had server issues a few years ago and when they relaunched with the new layout it wasn’t the same and there wasn’t as many members that came back so I left.
  7. Mr. Watson

    GRL - Songs

    No that’s fake to. It’s not them singing.
  8. I kinda stopped stanning her since she started dating Elon Musk..
  9. This is a list of songs I have from her Toy Boys era am I missing any?
  10. Mr. Watson

    Neon Hitch lists random unreleased songs on Instagram

    https://nippyspace.com/v/045a4f Midnight Circus https://nippyspace.com/v/8a37f2 Im Your Radio (1:20)
  11. Any other new leaks besides Boxers?
  12. Has Playfight leaked yet? I have it.

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