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  1. Two songs immediately came to mind. Thought to be: I'm Alright - Taylor Swift (Supposedly about Harry Styles) Actually: I'm Alright - Jersey Green Thought to be: Emergency Room - Rihanna feat. Akon Actually: Emergency Room - Priscilla Renea feat. Mario
  2. Maybe Dr. Luke DID rape or assault Katy, and for whatever reason she wasn't wanting to come forward. Maybe he's betting on Katy to continue to stay quiet and deny it in an effort to portray Kesha as a liar. Clearly Katy and Kesha were friends back in the day, as Kesha was in Katy's video for "I Kissed a Girl," and they've talked about being friends before they were famous while they were struggling to make it in the industry. To me, it seems perfectly logical that they could have both been around him and would have confided in each other about their shared experiences. For all we know Kesha could have even asked Katy to come forward before. Immediately trying to tear down Kesha without even hearing Katy's response seems like you're looking for a reason to believe Dr. Luke. 🙃
  3. Yeah, I'm not Danny/spazattack. I don't think I ever had anyone make a set for me. Happy to be here!
  4. I was first univofmiss, but lately had been going by Godam Levine. I varied in how I was active, depending on what I had going on. And, no, I'm not an Adam Levine stan. It was part joke, part because he's somewhat attractive. Haha.
  5. DYING at that gif! Clearly you know where I'm coming from...
  6. Hey all, Coming from a somewhat defunct site that I was a member of for >10 years. Look forward to meeting everyone! -CMB

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