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  1. Been sick for 3 weeks. Found out the ER doctor wrote me down as having covid so they could charge me for covid recovery. Wtf. And then with my second trip to the ER literally a day later says oh no its a virus thats what I told him the first time, even tho the paper says otherwise.


    I hate the health care system around this area.



    Also someone do Kerlimas plz ily

    Here's this thing.




    Stitch Hie GIF

    1. Heartbreak Anthem

      Heartbreak Anthem

      Oh no!!! I genuinely hope you are doing well right now... I know there's been a virus spreading (non-COVID) and it sucks. Wishing you health during this time!

    2. Savages


      Thank you! Thankfully my actual dr finally could see me and she put me on a 5 day Hella high steroid round and I'm already feeling the relief. I just can't wait to be over whatever it is and go back to work,  I'm going stir crazy 🤣🤧

    3. Heartbreak Anthem

      Heartbreak Anthem

      Well, then I am happy for you!!! Keep your head up!!!

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