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The Veronicas - AI Covers

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I've been thinking about this ever since they did the photos with the snakes to promote Gothic Summer, lmao. 

Just a fun little early experiment as I'm learning how to do this... I'm going to tweak the voices more - right now I only trained them on 20min of each of their vocals (I made a separate Jess & Lisa so I could do all their harmonies properly), but the end goal is to get them perfected with 4hrs+ of data (which should fix the points where their voices sound a lil weird, and I can feed it more of Jess's screams so it can learn to do those too).  This was really fun to mix together - there are really good Britney stems out there!!!!  I wish I could find Miley stems - I'd love to get The AI Veronicas covering Bangerz era Miley hahaha.  hope y'all enjoy the result of my mental breakdown & procrastination of real issues :D


Britney Spears - I'm a Slave 4 U
03:25   ||   320kbps MP3   ||   [mega]


Eminem - Rap God
6:03 || 320kbps MP3 || [mega]
(lightly censored so the girls don't get cancelled by some moron who can't realise it's AI)

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