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JoJo - Jumping Trains (scrapped album)

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Alright, since I love digging around unreleased music, could anyone provide me all the infos we have behind this project? Like, do we have the album's full official tracklist? And also, what happened that made JoJo shelve this album?

Only thing I know is that Disaster was supposed to be the lead single of the album in 2011 (like American Girl for Bonnie's Hot City).

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everything  about this album was so good all the leaked tracks. I believe there was a tracklist. lemme see if I can find it. @Muri posted this one which is the one I remember seeing back in the day.


1. Turn It Up
2. Play This Twice
3. Spotlight
4. Broken
5. Disaster
6. Lie To Me
7. Sexy To Me
8. Bodyguard
9. Webcam
10. The Other Chick
11. Jumping Trains
12. Piece Of My Heart
13. Elsewhere

Deluxe Edition

14. Beautiful Creep
15. Closer To You
16. Fear

Bonus Track

17. The Other Chick (Zedd Remix)

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