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Somewhere between Brandi Carlile and Shania Twain there is Sheryl Crow, international FM, A/C (Adult Contemporary) Radio Staple to the masses.  You’ve probably heard her whilst pushing a shopping cart around Walmart. She has that kind of ‘feel good’ appeal.

She is currently sworn against the current standard studio album business model because she finds it heartbreaking to pour her heart and soul into a body of work (a complete album) only to find one track cherry picked for multiple Spotify playlists.. but in time she will get over it.

You have probably heard Sheryl on the radio (and maybe never even have known).  Sheryl is not the kind of artist who is ever likely to serve us with an un-commercial “Impossible Princess” style album of artistic indulgence.

Some of the many (and varied hits from her back catalogue) include the following:

“Soak Up The Sun”:

“Every Day Is A Winding Road”:

“My Favorite Mistake”:

“All I Wanna Do”:

“Good Is Good”:

“Shine Over Babylon”:

“Sign Your Name”:


“Roller Skate”:

“Prove You Wrong”:

If you like Kacey Musgraves, Michelle Branch, Maren Morris, Brandi Carlile or Shania Twain - then Sheryl is unlikely to have escaped your radar.

What is your favorite Sheryl cut and which one of her 11 studio albums (from “Tuesday Night Music Club” to “Threads”) resonates with you the most?


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Sheryl who five years ago announced her previous album “Threads” would be her last, due to her dissatisfaction with how streaming services worked, has had a change of heart and in 2024 is set to release what will be her 11th studio album “Evolution”.

”Alarm Clock” Spotify Link:

Sheryl Crow “Evolution” March 29th 2024:



1. Alarm Clock - 2:54
2. Do It Again - 4:13
3. Love Life - 5:13
4. You Can't Change The Weather - 4:03
5. Evolution - 4:26
6. Where? - 3:53
7. Don't Walk Away - 4:22
8. Broken Record - 3:07
9. Waiting In The Wings - 3:27

”Evolution” Pre-Order Link:


The first single “Alarm Clock”, is released today and is written/ produced in Sheryl’s typical Pop/ Rock, AC Radio style. She very recently performed it on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”:

Studio Version/ Lyric Video:

Live Version from Jimmy Fallon:

Sheryl’s Jimmy Fallon Interview (during which she discusses Olivia Rodrigo):

Rolling Stone Article:


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