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Hi world,

my name is Cindy. I’m very much an adult. I’ve always had older friends, an insanely old soul & was very advanced for my age regardless. I was reading at a 12th grade level in the 5th grade & started producing & writing music in middle school.

I’m tipsy & feeling nostalgic so I’ll share a bit about my journey in the community since these annoying kids have zero clue how exciting & exclusive the trading world used to be.

*Short novel incoming:


I got into trading at a very young age when I connected with someone on a Britney site. During & shortly after this time between various communities & people I ended up acquainted with a bunch of sick sources via friends, one off trades & pure chance (some good/some bad) + being fortunate enough to build strong relationships with some absolutely amazing people I actually trust/consider friends & still have as sources/share sources with to this day. (some of you children who stan people like Meghan Trainor would call ‘really old’, but with age comes experience & wisdom- something this MT stan is obviously lacking & probably won’t attain much of in their lifetime:awkwardney: Regardless of the fruitful trades/buys I’ve had, I’ve never ever experienced anything on this site close to the level of respect, camaraderie, trust, maturity & loyalty the ogs have for each other. Instead of ganging up on people due to hatefulness & jealousy we used to help each other find things, middleman for each other & basically grow our collections together, you would be surprised to know what some people have in their vaults) 

I can still remember who/where I got everything in my vault from, even old screen names of people I didn’t keep in contact with over the years, some you guys would recognize like good ole Luke you all know as Country Club Martini Crew these days (an actual angel, we were both bopping to “Unbroken” around the same time Femme Fatale was released, but he was mostly in the stem game), Burim (a really cool, really crazy guy- he could get almost anything via his connects in NYC & the funniest thing is he would sell untagged versions of songs he’d already leaked dirt cheap if you knew someone who knew him/had done business with him before. Disappeared off the face of the earth, grateful I managed to link with him before it hit the fan ) Martian (big Britney fan & leaked a few things from the bottom of his barrel around 2010/2011), Kayla (Jordan’s old bff & mod, it’s honestly hilarious you mentioned Jordy considering how much he hates me + how awful the company he keeps is like K (she straight up scammed me once after we had a successful trade I was dumb enough to go first-she’s the one who told me Jordy has Who Can She Trust)+ that boyfriend he had in 2013 who was trashing Britney on twitter while he remained silent) & severrral others.Around 13ish years ago it was insanely easy to accumulate a good repertoire of things on your own if you knew what to do. (before the Sopa act got passed & ruined one of the most valuable techniques ever) One of the most useful skills at the time was knowing how to search the databanks on various file hosts via random engines & backdoors (most importantly- MEDIAFIRE) & finding all sorts of amazing unreleased songs/early mixes/pro tool sessions/mixdowns/entire photoshoots dating back YEARS (like 2006/2007ish if you had the brainpower (I’m talking grails worth thousands these days, there wasn’t an actual search function on most of the sites & the files our searches would pull were constantly changing- the excitement of using the right keywords-whether it be an artist/writer/produce name, an abbreviation like “BS” “B Spears”, or even a misspell like “Brittany Spears” & the things you could find were outta this world. 
Publishing databases were also much easier to access due to the thirst/interest in unreleased music being so uncommon & it was mostly only a small niche community looking on them. Simple source code work & backdoors could get you a handful of amazing unreleased tracks & early mixes of songs you already knew. Like I said in my original status BMG was a goldmine, you also could download anything from Universal back in 2014/2015 in a low bitrate if you knew how to work the source code right as well. You even used to be able to buy songs by major artists from groups of people similar to MM for less than $200 a pop no crypto needed. I also got alot of unheard music, pitch ideas & stories pertaining to the people who inspired me the most via several people in the industry. It’s pretty surreal to think about how fortunate I was throughout the years to be able to talk to, work with, sit in on sessions & party with a handful of people who have had a hand in creating some of my favorite music of all time. 

One tragically passed away(no, I never met Notes. Had a great conversation with his sister Angel though), but I still talk to the ones I connected with ages ago who saw themselves in me, gave me constructive criticism, & watched me grow up in a way.

Fun fact: I got the idea to start interviewing a bunch of writers/producers at their homes/studios/over the phone after a few years for a cute little series I dreamed up years before that OD podcast ever launched, (I 10000% inspired the guy running it to start his) but got discouraged after multiple people not wanting to speak publicly about the 2/3 I actually ended up sharing basically went no where regardless of the great information they included & just ended up keeping the rest private. I’ve dropped a few tidbits from the unpublished interviews & personal conversations here & there on various sites just to be met with aggressiveness & hate so I rarely even do that anymore. It’s weird how hateful & ungrateful people can be to other human beings to the point it makes a person regret ever trying to share something interesting & ultimately messes things up for the other fans.

Anyways, The community has changed tremendously in the past decade, most people on here have the same resources for acquiring material & there’s alot less exclusive stuff. People have gotten insanely rude & catty as well + alot of people with nothing to offer have been phishing for clips or just straight of scamming since a bunch of people started trading publicly on sites like Exhale several years ago. (Fun fact: B’s “This Kiss” was leaked by a scammer) The majority of the most badass sources don’t even trade publicly/with new people anymore, I’m grateful to have a few good ones, but there’s so many people who have dropped off the face off the earth who middle-manned for me I wish I could connect with again, but most of them left/rebranded/would never set foot in there. It’d be great if we had a re-surgence in rare material going around & staying vaulted sometime soon, the community has been either stale or hateful for a hot minute now.

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23 minutes ago, Goedert said:

he speaks like @RedBloodedWoman 

Do you not remember me having this convo with you when I was drunk? One of several people obsessed with me copy made an account & copy pasted the comment i edited away. Not me. Why even bump this a month latsr when everyone else is trying to weirdly come at me? It’s probably one of the psychos in the MT thread rn

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