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Are any of the new pop girls "iconic"?

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The other day I was watching a TV special that the Spice Girls did back in 1998. It was back in the prime of their fame and they had a huge crowd of fans waiting inside the studio and outside too! More than having a lot of fans, though, the energy in the room was just electric and you could feel it even through the bad 90s home video quality. It occurred to me that only a handful of artists have ever achieved that real level of mania, and that I haven't seen anyone have that type of fame for quite a while.

It's not just about having #1 hits or a lot of Twitter followers - it's about a whole phenomena! The last few artists that I can think of who had that type of fame would be Gaga, especially during the Born This Way era where she was selling a whole lifestyle and way of living life on top of her music; Justin Bieber during his first era; and maybe One Direction after they started blowing up in the States.

With that said, I can't think of any current acts who have achieved that level of fame. The only artists I can think of who are maaaybe almost there are BTS - but even then I still feel like they're kind of "underground" outside of Korea.

When it comes to pop girls, the only one I can think of who's nearing that level is maybe Ariana. She has a distinct look with her high ponytail, a very specific way of singing and writing songs, and she hasn't been out of the press ever since she released her first album. Everytime she releases an album it's a big deal! But even then I'm still kind of unsure if she'll be remembered in 50 years time in the same way as The Beatles or Michael Jackson are...

What do you guys think? Are any of the new pop girls "iconic", or will they ever be? Or is it just too difficult to achieve that level of mania nowadays with media working so differently from it used to? Let me know your thoughts!

And if anyone tries to argue that Cassadee Pope is "iconic" I will ban you from this forum!

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