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Loreen Performs & Releases a New Single!

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Loreen launched her new single "Fiction Feels Good" on 29th of Feb 2020, at the Swedish Melodifestivalen show! She's been teasing a new sound for a while, and talked about going back to her roots. In this case it means her Berber roots from Marocco.

The song is unique in two ways: it borrows melodies (but not a single lyric, except for "Euphoria") from her previous songs Statements and My Heart is Refusing me, and it's the first time anyone has ever taken Moroccan folk music and mixed it with electronic music. Most of Bulgarian folk music is often mixed in with the new music, so seems like Loreen has been paying attention. She's also back with Warner Music Sweden, which is a weird move, since she spent a few years trashing them and left. I guess because her previous album Ride didn't do well, she decided to go back to her old label.

Here's the performance: 



The studio version of the song can be found on Spotify and iTunes (just search for Loreen). I have to say, the studio version is much better than the live one. Which is something I've never thought I'd say when it comes to Loreen.

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