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  1. MadeforNow

    PHF Employment Centre [OPEN]

    I don't have any English language ones available, but I can write you one.
  2. MadeforNow

    PHF Employment Centre [OPEN]

    Haha I do lurk here, but I don't chat much. If you want me to write something, I'd love to do that. And be more active as well :) Thanks!
  3. MadeforNow

    PHF Employment Centre [OPEN]

    I've been a member only for a year (I forgot my username but I'm that guy from Finland who has Marfans and loves Loreen lol), but I'd love to write content articles, and I think I'm pretty good at it. I used to write album reviews (in Finnish) for a local paper and I've written a petition on Change.org about Janet Jackson's albums which was featured on Washington Post a few weeks back. So sign me up for anything like that. Especially if you want an article about Janet Jackson or Loreen lol.

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