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Mortal Kombat 11


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I can’t make a thread to save my life, but the new mortal Kombat is coming out & I’m so excited for it!!! The story looks amazing & the antagonist, Kronika, looks so sick! 

The roster is 

Johnny Cage 

Sonya Blade




Cassie Cage 

Jacqui Briggs 

Liu Kang 


Kung Lao 







Erron Black 

Kotal Khan

Shao Khan 





Noob Saibot 

& Geras 


Shang Tsung 

+ 5 more which aren’t revealed yet! 

Story mode is said to be 8 hours long & each character has a wide array of customization! The game is due out April 23d & they’re introducing 3 new characters & custom variations into the game. Although, the custom variations will not be able to be used during ranked matches. The krypt also returns in a 3rd person konquest esque mode! Kombat Pack 1 will have 6 characters! It is unknown if there will be more DLC!

So, who are you guys planning to main?! I’m going to main Kitana, Skarlet, & either Frost or Cetrion! I also hope we get to see Frost & Kitana next week! Do you guys have anyone you’d wish to see as DLC or any changes you hope they make as they’re patching up the game? What do you guys think of the villain this time around? Any theories? Discuss below! 


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15 hours ago, Skinny Legend said:

I don't think I've ever even played a Mortal Kombat console game, only the arcade games! :stretcher: But if this one ends up getting good reviews I may just download it...although Super Smash Bros. is probably still at the top of my list. :P 

I think you’d like Mortal Kombat!!! I love Super Smash Bros.!!! Peach is my favorite :mo:

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