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TYH's cover attempts

Turn Ya Head

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I've been making my own covers for a while, but never felt confident enough to post them :stretcher:

Here are the most recent ones and also the only ones I have on my phone <3

Side note: I'm aware that the Face Yourself cover is awful, and for that exact reason I'm working on a new one. 




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8 hours ago, Skinny Legend said:

I think both of the BTS ones are great, Idk why you're shading yourself like that! :stretcher: The other ones are a little too basic for me but for your first covers they're really good too. Keep it up boo!

Thanks! I ended up not reworking the Face Yourself cover but I'll get to it eventually :stretcher:

I made this one for the Halsey-less edit of Boy With Luv I made (which I uploaded HERE by the way), but the pic was kinda LQ so it's just temporary


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Made this one as a joke for a really crappy mashup I worked on last month (and when I say crappy, I mean SERIOUSLY crappy to the point where I made it entirely on my phone using free software) but I realized it looks just as bad as the original single cover and some legends on the discord server stanned it :stretcher:


The worst part is that it actually took a whole hour to make :tragic:

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