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Paris Jackson Apparently Attempts to commit suicide

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This is pretty sad news if true?  It is never easy for a child to have to come to grips that her father, (especially one that was so much in the spotlight as he was), may have did all those things he has been accused of.  I hope she gets the help that she will most certainly need to come to grips with the possibility it may be true.  Good luck to her.

Apparently it is not the first time she has attempted to kill herself: Excerpt from the article:

"Paris has had a hard time since her dad's death in 2009. She attempted suicide back in 2013 as well, and has been open about her struggles with depression in the past".



On a side note:  She and her "Team" are denying the TMZ Report of her apparent attempted suicide.  I am not familiar with the site thewrap.com. 

Excerpt from the wrap article:

Paris Jackson called out TMZ Saturday moments after the website reported that she had been hospitalized in an apparent suicide attempt.

“F– you you f–ing liars,” the model and actress tweeted at the publication just minutes after they published their report saying “Michael Jackson’s only daughter slit her wrists.”


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Paris is still saying she was never hospitalised, but TMZ is sticking by their story and saying she left hospital only a few hours after she arrived. :orly: I wonder who's telling the truth?

Either way, I wish her the best and lots of love and hope during what must be a very trying time for her. It must be unfathomable to imagine that your father, who the entire world loved and idolised for so long, could have done these horrible things. I hope she's staying strong. <3 

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