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Little Mix And Nicki Minaj Collab for Lead Single of LM5?


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So here's what's poppin' with Little Mix.

Apparently seen filming a music video for their lead single (maybe) for LM5, which should be coming out soon! I can see it coming out in October since Shout Out to My Ex was an October release. But... That's not it! They are reportedly teaming up with Nicki Minaj and it is most likely the lead single. This was reported on Capital FM which is one of the main entertainment news sources in the UK so there's that. 

(Here's the link to that article: https://www.capitalfm.com/artists/little-mix/nicki-minaj-collaboration-new-song/)

I believe this is collab is true, Nicki is following the girls on Insta and I don't see any other reason why she would be following them because Little Mix aren't that known, it hurts to say but it is true, so that's my reason.

What's everyone else's opinion?? Love it or hate it?

Also just found this article, but it says it is confirmed but I don't actually think that any of them confirmed or maybe I haven't done that much research: (https://www.celebsnow.co.uk/celebrity-news/little-mix-and-nicki-minaj-confirm-collaboration-as-fans-go-wild-over-this-video-759093)

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