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She promised she will release her new music this year

Announced Producers


Buddy Ross - Frank Ocean "Nights", HAIM
Al Shux - "Black Panther" OST, Shura "Kidz n Stuff", Lana Del Rey "This Is What Makes Us Girls"
Tim Anderson - BANKS, Halsey
Paul Epworth - Kate Nash, FATM, Annie, Adele, FKA twigs "Pendulum", Lana Del Rey "Black Beauty", Lorde "Yellow Flicker Beat", Jorja Smith, London Grammar, The Horrors
Lil Silva - Sampha, Banks (They have an unreleased collab track)
Teddy Walton - Kendrick Lamar "LOVE.", Vince Staples, A$AP Rocky, Goldlink, "Black Panther" OST
Nate Mercereau - BANKS "Lovesick" (:bop:), Shawn Mendes, Kesha, Jay Z, Sade, Rhye, Logic, Jhené Aiko
BEKON - Kendrick Lamar "DAMN."
Jeff Halavacs - Selena Gomez

Bibi Bourelly - Rihanna "BBHMM" "Yeah, I Said It" "Higher" "Pose", Xtina "Accelerate", Camila Cabello "I Have Questions"


Rumoured Collaborations


Selena Gomez & BANKS - Seven Heavens




Tyler, the Creator


Unreleased Tracks


Hate Love
Mama Said
This So Called
Hard Love
Don't Know Me Like That
Make It Up
Different Pages


Lyrics (Updated 2018/04/10)




2.And I know your behavior is only a mirror of the jealousy baby.

3.You got me actin like I'd be nothin without you at all.

4.Ain't your fault.

5.Down wind by the river she found solace. She been trying 2 find herself amidst the soulless. Hard days and hard nights she took flight. Hoping she would be mistaken for a kite.

6.Maybe she's the way.

7.You tell me to mean what I say. You're not my friend anymore. Don't tell me to mean what you say why'd you staying here begging me for more?

8.We used to chill.


10.Born whole.

11.I'll be your buddy when ur naked.

12.I been appetited.

13.I promise I'll try to be a little more understanding.

14.I want it more than you.

15.We were together.


17.You don't have to walk away.

18.Maybe another time maybe another lifetime I wish you could be.

19.Your ego taste bad.

20.set the fuckage free and let it fly baby boo

21.I ain't compromising.


Buzz Singles - Crowded Places, Underdog

Status: Shiseido Launch Party Performance in Paris FW 


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