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Found 2 results

  1. Billian Janks

    BANKS - 3rd Album Archives

    She promised she will release her new music this year Announced Producers Rumoured Collaborations Unreleased Tracks Lyrics ´╝łUpdated 2018/04/10) Buzz Singles - Crowded Places, Underdog Status: Shiseido Launch Party Performance in Paris FW
  2. Jillian Banks

    The GODDess is Here

    Hey there! You can call me Jack! I am a huge Pop Culture fanatic. More importantly I love music. When I say music I mean music with purpose. Some of my most favorite artists, or artists I "stan" for are CupcakKe, ANOHNI, Alex Turner/Arctic Monkeys, Glass Animals, AND GODDESS BANKS. I hope to meet some like minded music fiends like myself. Alternative/electronica rules my earbuds. I love discovering new music too!

About #PopHatesFlops:

Since our start as a blog called #PopHatesFags in 2012, PHF has consistently provided you with the latest pop culture news and hottest new releases. Join us as we analyse everything pop culture, build new friendships, and discuss the latest news and tracks exclusive to #PopHatesFlops!

Member of the Month:

trashmagic has been with us since 2014, which makes them one of the earliest members of the #PHFamily. Even though they haven't made hundreds of posts, their content is always high quality, which explains why they've been the most liked member for three different days. trashmagic is long overdue to be Member of the Month and we're so happy to have them fill the role for the month of November! We hope you enjoy your special month baby!