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Female artists - feminists or opportunists?


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Hi y'all.

I have been wondering this for a while and I decided to ask you about your own opinion on the matter.  Almost every female artist nowadays claim to be a feminist. Choose a female artist and say whether you think they are feminists or opportunists and try to prove your point.

For example, Madonna is a huge music icon and it's an undeniable fact. However, are her revealing outfits and sexual behavior really in favor of the feminist movement? How did she contribute to feminism? Was she only using sex to gain fame and remain relevant?



The feminist movement is supposed to end sexism in society, I think Madonna was a good example of a female who expressed her self in a manner that was sexually liberating from a female perspective. She did not conform to the antiquated notion that females must be modest and conservative. Some people may say that she went overboard and gave women a bad name by acting sexually provocative, but you can also say that she expressed herself honestly and in a manner which was true to herself.


Madonna overemphasized so-called sex-positive freedom for women and helped to culturally influence "post-feminist" thinking. Now the pressure is on for 13-year-old girls to be as sexually active as porn stars. We've inherited pressure on Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, or others to be hypersexual. This de-emphasizes real rights. Equal pay, the right to NOT be a sex object to have personal value, birth control, HIV safety, and advanced education for girls and women got lost on Madge's watch. Madonna is not a feminist, but rather a sexual progressive, being openly bisexual in the 80's. She seems quite unhappy, and I do not think she has benefited women much at all--her main contribution was the media term, "boy toy"--not much progress for working women or mothers.

Having said that, I assume that she is rather an opportunist than a feminist.




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You can't blame Madonna for an entirety of inequal rights in 2018! :vacuum: She would never have been as successful as she was if there wasn't a public desire for what she was selling, and like it or not there will always be demand for sex in the media, even if that sexuality is represented in different ways. It's unfair to assume that Madge was disingenuously faking something for her audience when the reality is probably closer to the idea that the audience lifted Madonna up because of what she was already doing. She's also publicly spoken about isssues like equal pay, birth control, HIV safety and her Raising Malawi foundation has an emphasis on educating girls in Africa. That's more than can be said for most male popstars.

Now I'm just gonna wait here for someone to drag Beyoncé through the mud for her fake feminism. :hottie::hottie::hottie:

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