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Who is the Queen of GIFs?

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We all know that Gaga is the Queen of Pop and Miley is the Queen of Flop, but who is the Queen of GIFs? :orly:

For your consideration, I would like to propose the incomprable Mariah Carey!

Exhibit #1:

Used when you see your two sugar daddies out at the same restaurant and you need a quick escape route!


Exhibit #2:

Used when you need to : yaskween : in real life.


Exhibit #3:

Used when you want to bless someone with your presence but also curse them with the gay herpes that will never go away, glitter!


Exhibit #4:

Used when @Tweener tries to come for someone in a thread but flops harder than Younger Now.


Exhibit #5:

Used in any situation at any place at any time.


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