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Your Favourite Instrumentals

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This is such a random, thirsty idea for a topic (:cackle:) but I wanna get back into songwriting again and instead of searching the net for instrumentals I thought I'd come on here instead!

Post your favourite instrumental down below. It doesn't matter if it's unknown, well known, a song which already has lyrics or something which only exists in instrumental form. I wanna know what you guys like, and if I like it too then maybe I'll be able to write something fun to it! ;) 

I would post my own favourite instrumental but I literally don't pay enough attention which is why I'm relying on y'all... :wink: Show me what you got!

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Well, I think that my favorite instrumentals use to range between the 140 and 160 BPM tempos, somewhat similar to "I'm Gonna Get You Back" by Florrie, "Flashes", by Tove Lo, "I Knew You Were Trouble" by Taylor Swift, or else to "Love and War" by Rita Ora. However, instrumentals with tempo set around 90 BPM are also amazing. The one for Madonna's "Hold Tight" is a good one for my taste. By the way, I highly encourage you to make more music, I really loved the singles I found out a while ago in your YouTube page, so let's have some more! You have all my support from a hidden place in the North of Mexico! :yaskween: 

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