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Intergalactic - A Britney remix EP by me.

Turn Ya Head

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I know this is not really that good but I thought some of you might want to hear it.

The folder includes a mashup of Only Girl In The World by Rihanna and Don't Keep Me Waiting by Britney. It doesn't feature too much Brit but the verses are partly by her! 

The second track is my own edit of Piece of Me, which starts with very few instruments and vocal effects but proceeds to build up as the song goes on.

The last mix is a filtered edit of Stronger. To make it I used the TV track and filtered Brit's main vocals from the song. To make it listenable, I layered the result over the instrumental.


I added a cover art to the folder, which I made quickly using a render of an old Britney picture and a galaxy background I liked. I used the Femme Fatale font because it's my favourite album ever! <3 

I also uploaded a bonus wallpaper which is the uncropped cover art without the "intergalactic" text in case anyone liked the pic and wanted it in HQ! 

The reason why I named the EP Intergalactic is because it was originally made for a person from another forum, just in case anyone was wondering. 


As I said before, this is not as good as the rest of the stuff people upload here but I made an effort and thought it'd be nice to give you guys a taste of my mixes :yeah:


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