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Sean Kevin - Little Pieces (Album)


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So... as you know i'm working on music. it's called 'Little Pieces' (it's actually my 6th project, so far it has 20 songs)

it's a VERY emotional & honest album. Listen to the snippets below (i am currently in the middle of getting licenses for the music for some of these songs)

tell me which ones you all love the most!! :)

the title means: all these songs, are just little pieces of who i am


1. Do You Love Me Too? - https://instaud.io/1enH

2. Every Little Piece - https://instaud.io/1enI

3. Run to You - https://instaud.io/1enT

4. Crash & Burn - https://instaud.io/1enG

5. Beating Heart - https://instaud.io/1enF

6. Heart Down - https://instaud.io/1enL

7. Holding On -https://instaud.io/1enO

8. The Flood - https://instaud.io/1enW

9. Hear Me - https://instaud.io/1enK

10. I Hope & Pray - https://instaud.io/1enP

11. Forgive & Forget - https://instaud.io/1enJ

12. Start Again - https://instaud.io/1enV

13. When You're Gone - https://instaud.io/1enY

14. Hold Me Down - https://instaud.io/1enN

15. Hey You (I Love You) - https://instaud.io/1enM

16. The Hurting - https://instaud.io/1enX

17. Save Me - https://instaud.io/1enU

18. Just Be Mine - https://instaud.io/1enQ

19. All About You - https://instaud.io/1enE

20. Pieces (Unbroken) - https://instaud.io/1enR


here are the covers i made, can you help me pic? or if you want you can make me one :)






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