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Mischa Barton Hospitalized For Mental Evaluation

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Mischa Barton was hospitalized after exhibiting some bizarre behavior that had friends and neighbors extremely concerned Thursday morning.

Sources connected to Mischa tell us she was hanging over her backyard fence in West Hollywood and rambling about her mom being a witch, the world shattering ... and Ziggy Stardust. At one point she fell backward off the fence and said, "Oh my God, it's over! I feel it, and it's angry!"

She was only wearing a dress shirt and tie at the time.

Sheriff's deputies and firefighters responded to a call for a jumper or possible overdose. Law enforcement sources tell us Mischa was voluntarily transported to a hospital for mental evaluation.

We've reached out to Mischa's camp for an update on her condition, but no word back yet. 

Back in 2009, she was placed on an involuntary psychiatric hold.

Oh dear... :'( It's always been clear that she's struggled but I really hoped she had it all under control now. Hope my poor Marissa is doing okay, she seems like a sweet girl. <3 

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Mischa is now claiming that she was drugged with GHB in a club the night before which is why she was acting so erratically.


The O.C star has since left hospital and today released a statement to PEOPLE explaining exactly what happened.

“On the evening of the 25th, I went out with a group of friends to celebrate my birthday. While having drinks, I realised that something was not right as my behaviour was becoming erratic and continued to intensify over the next several hours,” Barton said in the statement.

The 31-year old added she “voluntarily went to get professional help, and I was informed by their staff that I had been given GHB. After an overnight stay, I am home and doing well.”

She thanked the professionals at Cedars-Sinai, the Los Angeles hospital she stayed at and then proceeded to give young women a warning.

“This is a lesson to all young women out there, be aware of your surroundings.”

GHB, also known as liquid ecstasy is commonly found on the clubbing scene however its incredibly strong effects and the fact that it is colourless and odourless has also made it one of the most common date rape drugs.

When mixed with alcohol, it can cause rapid intoxication.

I'm glad it was just something temporary she was able to recover from and nothing too serious. <3 

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