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Trump's business plan folders were BLANK!

Natalia Kills

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The papers that Donald Trump made the centre of his first press conference in six months actually appear to have been blank. The conference also appears to have been filled with staff members who were expected to laugh and applaud throughout the event.

The President-elect claimed that the documents, which were placed next to him as he spoke, were evidence of the preparations he had made to give over control of his businesses to his sons. That move has been claimed by Mr Trump and his lawyers as a way of avoiding any conflicts of interest during his time as President, but it hs been criticised as inadequate by the Office of Government Ethics.

Both Mr Trump and his lawyer Sheri Dillon pointed at those documents and claimed they were just part of the various papers required to separate Mr Trump from his business. They each pointed at the pile repeatedly as proof that the preparations were being made.

But reporters were not allowed to look at any of the documents, which all were held in folders meaning that the actual paper was hidden.

And the pages themselves appear to be blank. While the majority of the sheets were hidden, some of them were visible – and there was no sign of page numbers or the sticky notes that lawyers tend to use to mark places in large documents.


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