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Hi :)


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Hey guys,

So my name is Freak. 

What you need to know about me: 

  • I live in Austria
  • I'm 20 years old
  • My faves are Lana Del Rey and Gaga

I already have accounts on other Popforums (GGD or LanaBoards for example) and I created an account on here because I just wanted to get to know a new forum.

I probably won't be posting much as I'm more of a lurker. I prefer just reading what other people write to writing something on my own (as English isn't my first language and often I'm too lazy to pay attention to the grammar etc. lol)

That's it, thanks for reading  :D

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5 minutes ago, Countess said:

Yasss, my soulmate has arrived! :hail: My two faves are Lana and Gaga as well, I'm glad to have another person here who stans my faves. <3 Hope you enjoy it here boo! 

Haha thank you, sorry for not replying to your PM (I kind of forgot) <3

15 minutes ago, Jump Rope said:

welcome < 3 < 3

Thank you <3

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