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I completely forgot to make a post here.

I'm Justin/Jay.


Image result for jujubee gif 

Kerli is qween. But I like Natalia (Teddyhew), Porcelain, Grimes, Brooke, Melanie and others.
I stream a lot, gaming and other sites.
And life fell apart in the past week and a half and i've been too anxious to leave the house.
(just part of it in the spoiler)



And here I am!
How're you tho?


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11 hours ago, Tweener said:

Even tho I hate almost every of your fave artists, I'd like to welcome you here! Have fun, boo!! <3 

I feel the same way! I'm not a fan of any of your faves (I actually hate most of them :stretcher:) but you seem like a chill bitch and I'm SO here for the Alaska gif. :P I'm glad to have you here boo! What kind of games do you stream?

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