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Hi, I'm hero!


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Hi! I am 1herogirl and I haven't properly introduced myself, but I guess I will now...

I am 1herogirl (call me hero if you are lazy) and I enjoy Melanie Martinez, Hasley and Rihanna music! I am basically willing to listen to anything when it comes to music! I came here because I like how you have good articles and I want to  trade music <3

Well I guess thats it! 


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9 hours ago, Countess said:

 Welcome babes! <3 There's a whole bunch of Melanie fans on here who I'm sure you'll love chatting to! Thank you for the praise of the articles, it took us a long time to get them there! <3 Are you a fan of ANTI?

I do enjoy ANTI! I have it in my Dropbox so I can listen to it whenever! I went to her diamonds tour on 4/28/13 in NJ accually (it was AMAZING)

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