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Lady Gaga Announces Intel Partnership & Grammys Performance

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The Haus of Gaga has teamed up with Intel for a mysterious project that will debut during the Grammy week. The collaboration, that will "showcase technology through creativity at the highest level," was announced during Intel's conference on Tuesday night.

"Intel has enlisted Haus of Gaga to work together on a project that will showcase technology through creativity at the highest level," Gaga commented. "The partnership culminates in a ground-breaking collaboration that inspires to remind the world of the seed of innovation."

The project will be unveiled at the Next Generation of GRAMMY Moments program that will launch during Grammy week in February. While Gaga will not perform new material as part of the program, she promises to deliver an experience not to be forgotten.

I'm cautiously optimistic about this...The visuals so far are pretty gorgeous but I'm seriously scared we're going to be getting another Volantis. I feel like it may just relate to her fashion as well tho, cos recently Intel debuted this 3D printed dress and i can totally see Gaga wearing something like this on the red carpet. Either way I'm sad we won't be getting any new music tho. :'( 

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