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Cheryl Not Letting Nicole Scherzinger Return To X Factor UK

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Cheryl Fernandez-Versini has apparently blocked a possible return to The X Factor for Nicole Scherzinger.

That’s according to Louis Walsh, who says that Cheryl ‘won’t allow’ Simon Cowell to sign up the American singer to this year’s show.

Louis said this weekend: “Cheryl’s got a job! Why won’t she let Nicole be on the panel this year? Why won’t she allow Simon to have Nicole on the panel?”

He told he Sun on Sunday newspaper: “There’s your f***ing story. That’s the truth. Because Nicole’s good. She won’t sign if Nicole signs.

“I thought Nicole would be great to get back. I really do. If I was going to hire any female, it would be her.”

Nicole left The X Factor panel last year on Cheryl’s return to the show amid claims that the Girls Aloud singer would only sign up if Nicole went.

A source said at the time: “If it comes down to Cheryl or Nicole – everyone would back Cheryl and she knows that.”

Speaking about Cheryl and Nicole last year, Simon admitted that he couldn’t sign both saying that the pair “wouldn’t work well together”.

He went on to add: “The most important thing is we don’t think about who will like who on the judging side. The focus has got to be on the contestants – the talent or the lack of talent.”

As yet no official announcements about this year’s panel have been made with Simon said to be panicking about singing up names ahead of filming starting.

The X Factor will return to ITV in the autumn.

Getting really fucking over this chavvy diva. :vacuum: As much as I dislike Nicole as well I'm really not here for her having the final say on a tv show given her limited knowledge and flop album, and I'm not sure why Simon is giving her so much power.

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Right atleast nicole can sing live in public, on stage, on a street corner panhandeling  :rofl: but i digress between the two why wouldnt u pick nicole she fun to watch and gives the sass right bk cheryl is blah....

I think it's because Cheryl is still stunningly gorgeous and classy while Nicole has a reputation for being a bitchy diva, especially in reference to the other members of PDC. :vacuum: Honestly I think the most interesting thing would be to have them both on the show trying their best to outdo each other at every opportunity. :P

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OMG the dream team itd be like what we saw go down on american idol but 10x better!!!!!

Omfg, could you imagine? :shocked: Honestly, I know so many people hated American Idol with Nicki and Mariah but I found that shit hilarious. :stretcher: And that bitchy old queen Louie could get in on it as well!

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