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Anybody else like her?


I could do with a little help with getting a list of available songs together:

2009 - Anjulie



Some Dumb Girl


Crazy That Way (Intro)

Crazy That Way

Fatal Attraction

The Heat


Same Damn Thing

I Want The World To Know

Love Songs

Day Will Soon Come

When It's Love


Other Songs:

White Lights

Brand New Bitch

Stand Behind the Music


You and I

Sex Ed

Stereo Hearts (Remix)

Bombs Away

Armed and Ready

Dance Slow

Karma Bitch

Give It To Me

Shut Up and Dance

After This Dance

Powerful Girls

Soulja Girl

Big Thing


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Thank you! I will give those a listen.

Her newer stuff is much better than her first album tbh

Right? I think I heard like 'Same Damn Thing' or something but it's definitely not as good as her new EDM stuff. She's legit working with all the best producers, like Diplo, Zedd and Laidback Luke, so there's no way her new material can be bad! :excited:

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4 new tracks from Anjulie for Easter!

Soulja Girl had leaked already previously but it's nice to have a better quality version

Loves it! I'd already heard 'Soulja Girl' and 'Fuckin' Sexy' but 'SMILE' is actually really really good, I can definitely see it as an album track on album two. 'Last Night' isn't bad either! I love this!

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