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Kat Graham Working On New Music

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She posted this on Instagram a few days ago! Hopefully this is an indicator that her debut album will actually get released finally, and not a hint that she's working on new music for a soundtrack or something. :vacuum:

Is anybody else into this girl? I'd completely forgotten about her until 'Put Your Graffiti On Me' came up on Shuffle the other day and now I'm as obsessed with it as I was like two years ago. :stretcher:

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YESSSSSS! Kat Graham is one of those artists I pull for even though music isn't their forefront career.

Me too! I'm so pissed off she basically disappeared after her first EP. She actually has potential to find a niche in the market if her promo would focus on her dancing, looking hot, and basically being the next Britney instead of trying to make her sing.

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