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If you were to go on tour

Matilda Mantis

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If you were on tour who would be your supporting act(s)

Mine would be:

Neon Hitch

Natalia Kills


Brooke Candy

Jessica Sutta

Charli XCX


Angel Haze

The performers get get 15 minutes each and Singularity gets the in between slots before ending in a 10 minute set. I would Perform for a hour


All of them, even the most irrlevent of all Australia!

Must stop cities?







A surreal journey into the mind of stanley kubrick and the search for the Monolith

Any covers?


Number of acts?


Anything else?

The tickets will be cheap

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That Australia shade tho...:shocked: I ain't even mad, bitches totally deserve it. :vacuum:

Supporting Acts:

Tbh it would probably depend on who I'd worked on songs with...if I'd been able to work with one of my queens like Gaga, Ke$ha, Nicki, etc. I'd probably ask them to do a co-headlining tour with me tbh.


All of them, including the groundbreaking first show ever in Antarctica customized to be heard by penguin ears. :tan:

Must Stop Cities:

Sydney, New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo and London.


If it was a co-headlining tour, it would probably follow a couple who had met and made eye contact on a train station but never seen each other again. The show would have six acts, three for each artist, and it would have one from me followed by one from the other then one from me again, etc. My three acts would probably be one featuring uptempo songs to represent the exciting nature of a new relationship, one featuring sexy songs to represent the fantasies we have, then another to represent the sadness that we'll never see each other again. Obvis in an encore we finally find each other again and sing our biggest hits in duet form. :morning:


I'd probably incorporate a version of 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' in there somewhere. I'd also do a new cover on either acoustic guitar or piano for each show depending on what was popular at the time, or I'd do a new song I'd just written instead.

Anything Else:

There would be several screens made use of. The stage would be pretty non-traditional so we could make use of the full stadium.

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Supporting acts: beyonce

continents: all of them

must stop cities: dubai & tokyo

story: bow down bxtches

covers: nope all me

number of acts: 2


You should invite Kelly and Michelle on tour with you as well tbh. You can reunite Destiny's Child for people every night on stage. :hail:

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