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Gaga covers

Matilda Mantis

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I completely agree, but I guess the point is to make them trippy because of the concept of "Artpop"  8)

The reason some of them are trippy is because of the surrealist nature of ARTPOP. They neons come in from the dance element laced in ARTPOP's structure. The pixels and wires come in for the tech part of artpop. The brush like effects, the art references cover the ART part of artpop. The DANCE one is about the nature of dance music. The SEX one is about how when flesh and flesh come together art is made. The ART one is about the reverse warhol effect that is artpop, taking high art but make it for the masses, whereas  pop art was about taking the masses and making them into high art, so gaga and the bright colors are up front but the art is in the background, much like artpop. The POP one is about pop culture and how it is a art and how art can be anywhere. The tech one is about how close tech and art come but never cross, which was the purpose of the app, to combine art and tech together,and in that picture we see it cross, much like the handwriting and the text coming together

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