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New BBCodes!

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So if you haven't noticed yet, we've recently added some new BBCodes for you guys to have fun with!

First off is the spoiler code, which looks like this: spoiler.gif This code will add a spoiler to your post, which will look like this:


It's a good code to use if you don't want to spoil the plot of a tv show or movie, or if you have a lot of images or information that you don't want to load slowly.

Next off is the SoundCloud BBCode, which looks like this: [img width=23 height=22]http://www.pophatesfags.net/forum/Themes/inferno/images/bbc/soundcloud.gif I remembered someone asking me about this code on the last version of the forum, so when I saw it was available I decided to add it! Simply copy and paste the link which the track is on into the code to use this.

You can also use this button - [img width=23 height=22]http://www.pophatesfags.net/forum/Themes/inferno/images/bbc/cloudset.gif - to embed a whole set of songs from SoundCloud into your post.

Finally, the YouTube BBCode! This isn't actually a BBCode. However, from now on, whenever you copy and paste a link to a YouTube page into your post, the video will automatically pop up, along with it's title! I know a few of you guys have been getting confused about this, so I hope this will help you embed videos more easily. This will also work for a few other video sites like DailyMotion.

I hope you guys enjoy these, have fun!

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