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  1. adirgeforher

    The Shade Thread

    Do y'all know what shade means =/
  2. adirgeforher

    We Want More PHF Radio

  3. adirgeforher

    Buzzfeed Quiz, how much of a Music Douche Are You?

    lol @ all your responses, you guys. YAY for not checking off shamey ones
  4. adirgeforher

    Makeover Movies List- What am I missing?

    Cruel Intentions Youth in Revolt Those two, kinda. great thanks!!
  5. adirgeforher

    Witchy Movies (and shows) Any fans here?

    Switch is on the list!
  6. http://www.buzzfeed.com/perpetua/how-much-of-a-music-nerd-are-you Most of this is incredibly pretentious. I got 38, I opted not to acknowledge some the behaviours of my youth. "You
  7. adirgeforher


    Who's on tumblr? Or is this under the Club Kids group?
  8. adirgeforher

    Witchy Movies (and shows) Any fans here?

    ahah I was 13 when Weirdsister College came out, I loved it pretty hard
  9. adirgeforher

    Witchy Movies (and shows) Any fans here?

    love Buffy. Love Charmed- but never finished the last season. I was mad it for so many reasons. One day...
  10. adirgeforher

    Jessie Malakouti / Jessie and the Toy Boys / Eden xo

    right? they're not deep or anything- so straight forward. but i like it
  11. adirgeforher

    Jessie Malakouti / Jessie and the Toy Boys / Eden xo

    Also. Do any of you pay attention to her lyrics? I've been listening to Malakouti since, well, I guess since Shut Up Stella, and then as soon as she started releasing things on her own. But apparently neither of us have changed, since I still identify with all of her songs. And all of her songs are about having commitment issues
  12. adirgeforher

    Jessie Malakouti / Jessie and the Toy Boys / Eden xo

    Wait, I'm confused. You gave her that or she got it from..Ron or...
  13. Do any of you like makeover movies? They go against so much of what I stand for, but still... Makeover Movies and Shows I don't know why, but I will watch any film with any hint of a makeover. Whether it's a makeover..or makeunder...Big personality changes are interesting too. http://www.imdb.com/list/ls050879852/ Needs to be updated though
  14. Witches! Wizards! Mages! Magical realism! Magic. This list includes good, bad, stereotypes, wicca, black and white magick and everything between. Films & TV shows, including anime and special witch-centric episodes. A few of the shows are not witchy per se, but there is a main witch in the show (Buffy, Vampire Diaries.) I have not included, for the most part, films where a witch lurks in the background as a shadowy creeper and does nothing overly interesting. http://www.imdb.com/list/ls058124459 Still have many more to add. But let me know what's missing!
  15. adirgeforher

    Female pop/rock (whatever the genre is) artists?

    I like the everything is embarassing Krystal Klear remix. I don't think I have anything you do not already have, alas. Bang Bang? The woods? Ditch that bitch?

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