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  1. Hello. Does anybody happen to know of a Camila Cabello leaks masterpost?
  2. https://hiddenjams.com/unreleased-songs/hilary-duff-unreleased-songs/ According to this, it was actually for Dignity instead. Though I remember reading about it being considered for 2.0,
  3. Yeah, Smile and I Will were all considered for Dignity 2.0, but were discarded early on. Twisted made it for a longer time, but the only ones that were there until the end and then repurposed into Best Of were Reach Out and Holiday. Later Vanessa Hudgens tried I Will for her second album but it was also leftover.
  4. No, both were wishful thinking from fans at the time. The only song that almost made it before her relationship with HR imploded was Twisted
  5. More like a Dignity Reloaded, the original album and some bonus tracks. Though people have said that before they killed the project, it was shaping up to be only Reach Out and Holiday as the new stuff anyway
  6. Love Is the Name (Love Is the Answer?) is the one with John Mayer, right? That would be awesome and feed my completism
  7. Oh great. Does it have any credits? Can you post scans or pictures? Is it the french one? I want to use that cover
  8. LOL do you actually have the Best Buy album? Or are you not the one who ripped it?
  9. This is so great! I wonder why all of this stuff hadn't been out before
  10. That's nice! Thank you so much! Wow, it's gonna be different listening to this in HQ
  11. I honestly doubt Kara did any demo for Dignity given that it was written with Hilary the whole time and songs like Play with Fire had demos with Hilary's vocals right away. Maybe if they used things that were written or composed before, but nothing like the final product. I'd like to hear Pink's version of Outside of You, though.
  12. It's the opposite, actually. Platinum Weird came in 2006, while this is 2004/2005.
  13. It's not, sorry. I don't have that demo.
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