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  1. Well there’s a full out there, just a snippet leaked from what I’m supposing was a seller. It’s a really rough song (it’s kind of obvious from the snippet lol) but thinking that should’ve said it and feel it twice were were written In the same week, with them being about the same situation of someone being in love with her when she could’ve with them, but they waited until she was in a relationship to say it could’ve been yours seems to thematically match these so it’s probably a rough idea from the same session that she handpicked her favourites to develop
  2. Why do I feel the original Britney Jean would be up there with her best material
  3. speaking of could've been yours does anyone know what happened to this song? the snippet just leaked out of nowhere and there hasn't been a whisper of it since for months
  4. Updating the tracker tomorrow when I’m on my mac x
  5. Thinkin bout one is so good?! The pitched samples the guitar the bass the beat. This is how you do chill pop right. The organ and the whistles this song is kind of haunting but I love it I wish we got more songs like this on Camila. The skrillex song going around on the source is (probably) not only natural. This is (probably) another song from that session
  6. Updating the post rn, thinkin bout one leaked
  7. Thank you 💖💖 I appreciate it
  8. well anyone is incredibly rare and hard to get hold of as it has been for the past year and with Justin releasing it it could either circulate more cause theres more demand and hype and awareness or harder to get hold of and circulate less because its value and demand has escalated dramatically so people would be less willing to give it to more people
  9. thief looks like an angel is real and is a romance outtake butterfly is a rumour stemming from her referencing butterflies a lot during CC1. ive seen no info otherwise that sways me to believe this is an actual song lol just seems to be a fandom rumour
  10. I guess but theres a distinction to be made between insiders and underground sellers or private traders the song is clearly very sheltered and secure if its taken over a year and still no snippet or info of who has the song but the lastfm stats cant be fake either that or 11 people have way too much time on their hands to be fake scrobbling Camila every other day for a year
  11. thats not really how it works lol some songs can take years and years to leak as they are high of value and very hard to get hold of and to have the appropriate connections it doesn't mean no one has them it just means its incredibly rare and hard to get hold of. you won't have your typical trader handing out anyone like candy to phf scammers lol
  12. yes yes but 11 people aren't fake scribbling a Camila song 200 times over many months there are many consistent recent scrobbles across many days 11 insiders? yes a couple are probably fake. the song isn't completely lost forever a select number of people have it it just never spread or circulated on mass plus the song was almost released and dropped like a month before romance came out the song mustve been heavily circulating internally = way bigger chance of a breach
  13. many people have anyone, it was being traded in 2019 and it has 11 lastfm listeners with over 200 scrobbles and consistent listening trends
  14. Does anyone know what week liar and shameless we’re written together? She talked about it in a few interviews and in the romance track by track. Anyone was from the same session, so if we can work out the other two then we can work out exactly when anyone was written.
  15. Ali Tamposi got removed from the credits too and now the only credits that stayed the same are the production credits. Ghostwriters is anyone surprised
  16. well anyone is released thoughts
  17. Where are you / vacation time has been confirmed to be called ‘Thinkin Bout One’ according to user Unreleased on leakthis updating infopost now
  18. lol I went to my notifications to the Camila section somehow appeared here after posting my updates Kylie queen! waiting for the sun is my jam
  19. Okay right thread this time Anyone is being released by Justin bieber on New Year’s Day the song has been reproduced with a beat underneath it according to ATRL https://atrl.net/forums/topic/330226-justin-bieber-anyone/?tab=comments#comment-17831284 confirmed by blackoutzone on page 4 Could romance era get any more tragic. Her moms favourite now being sought out by Justin bieber for his next single. And roger is still her manager
  20. New snippet called power in me. Sounds 2017 major lazer plus benny Blanco is credited for know no better also love life final snippet both added to the tracker
  21. is bridge on fire a real or fake song
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