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  1. hannah diamond is some random virgin who sings about getting hurt in love let me rephrase that, she melodically talks with autotune over beats produced by everybodys favorite punching bag: a.g. cook no clue why this hannah montana bitch is getting compared to queen ayesha but she is
  2. she cancelled it because pc music fans were comparing her to charli, sophie and most weirdly: hannah diamond fuck them lol
  3. ayesha erotica - gangbang lp (songs confirmed to be on it are Gangbang and Hit 'Em [The Recipe] with Fuck Like This also more than likely being on it) ayesha erotica - horny.4u bonnie mckee - album with epic (songs for it: S.L.A.Y., Forever 21, Show Me Your Love, Mirage, Hitman, Waking Up Diagonal, I Wanna Fucking Call You, Hot City, Sleepwalker, American Girl, Right Now, Electric Heaven, Don't Get Mad Get Famous, Somebody's Gonna Get Hurt, Everything But You, etc) britney spears - original doll lily allen - the fourth wall (prototype of No Shame) natalia kills - NK3 (album with Tough Guys, Legends, Hatefuck [Kills demo], Diamond Days [Kills demo] and Goodbye) tinashe - joyride pop version (2015/2016 one with Coldish, Not for Nothing, Prisoner, Ghetto Boy, Soul Gltch, etc)

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