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  1. An unreleased Ashlee song was recently shared on YouTube: Can’t Stop Me It was scrapped from I Am Me at the last minute and replaced by Dancing Alone. It was discovered on a rare promo CD that also featured a demo version of L.O.V.E. and an explicit edit of Boyfriend.
  2. I’m also looking for A Million Lights, specifically the four super deluxe bonus tracks that aren’t available on streaming! Does anyone happen to have these?
  3. Thank you so much for these! Her vocals on Come Clean really elevate the song, IMO. Love Hilary but a strong vocalist she is not. She makes the song sound much more juvenile/like it’s for a younger audience, which obviously, it was. Now if Paris’s Screwed demo leaked (or the version originally played on the radio and leaked in LQ), I would really lose my mind.
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