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  1. So something like this?
  2. let me know if the link doesn't work, feedback appreciated
  3. Would really appreciate some feedback
  4. here is a rough mix of Knew Better parts 1 and 2, please give some feedback http://www2.zippyshare.com/v/UYWu1qyg/file.html
  5. hey, you sound great! Do you think you could listen to me try Britney's Mood Ring?
  6. i added the link and gave them credit for it
  7. around where i live my parents think everyone is usually a crack addict or drug dealer
  8. here is what i have finished recording recently, let me know what you think (working on better annunciation like ariana is going to help) :
  9. I will be sure to try and share some more singing my parents think i trust people too easily, say that i am too naive when it comes to what i want in a relationship.
  10. glad someone actually listens to a few things i post! Back when i was hearing those voices i just remember being depressed and they kept saying that i needed to get help and not to just sit there listening to their sad ballads all day. I haven't heard voices for several years since i started taking some Amphetamine/ adderall for my attention. Like i said i can't find any therapist that accepts my insurance and specializes in having high functioning autism
  11. instead of posting a youtube video, i decided to just type this all out and hope someday i will be able to actually speak about it. When i was close to 15 after being molested by my cousin i didn't fully admit it to myself until after i came out to myself. However this left me confused about if i really wanted anyone at all since it involved both a guy and a girl. During my freshman year of high school i noticed a guy that always made me feel lightweight and happy even though i could look at him from across the room and he wouldn't even notice me. Whenever i would try to approach hi
  12. thank you. she is doing fine, i just hope she isn't traumatized by it and try to start cutting herself again. With my twin brother basically being a little kid for the rest of his life, i pretty much am on my own. Back in 8th grade i said all of these horrible things like i wanted to kill myself and i thought i heard the voices of kesha and demi lovato talking in my head, basically i was on the verge of a breakdown right before christmas that year, and it was scary because it was around the time i was molested. i can't afford a therapist but i know i need an outlet so i chose music.
  13. today my sister was just going for a walk trying to get some exercise when someone pulled up in a white car, attempted to kidnap her, assaulted her, then stole her cell phone and i can't track it. wish i understood why people in this world are so mean to each other when supposevly there are so many of us raised on loving and accepting not just ourselves, but also other people.
  14. now that i am finished with high school i am going to keep working on music production like i did in high school, hopefully i will spend my time on here instead of dealing with the stress of my family. My sister starting her freshman year of high school, hopefully will stop cutting herself and telling me that i am dumb just because i am autistic. basically my parents don't want me to date anyone because of how appearances can trick many people into thinking they seem innocent.
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