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  1. It was such a pleasure doing this interview with you, Trayer; thank you again! I AM SCREAMING. WE ACTUALLY DATED ONCE.

  3. I can't even get a guy to wear a fake beard for me when he won't grow one himself. The lengths you are willing to go to quench that two-year-thirst of yours.
  4. For a woman, you almost say all the right things.
  5. Figured I should show some of my work. Nothing extraordinary, I just tend to get a theme in my head for a cover, find a collection of pictures that resonate with the idea, and put them all together one way or another. YOU & ME - B&W Recolor - Progress: COMPLETE CHELSEA HOTEL NO. 2 - Retro Photo/Swaps - PROGRESS: COMPLETE Teenage Wasteland - Swaps - PROGRESS: COMPLETE TV in Black & White - Swaps - Progress: COMPLETE Movie Blue Drive-In - Swaps - Progress: C
  6. Does Sharon Van Etten count? Don't hear too many people talk about her. She's golden. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYgyQ20TJAs
  7. One time I shaved it into the shape of a spade. True story. I thought it was pretty innovative.
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